2018 Mediterranean Kosher Cruises and Tours are Now Available

Join Kosherica for our 2018 Glatt Kosher Cruises and Tours to the Mediterranean and Greek Isles.
Kosherica joins 5 star cruise lines as they explore stunning locations. See historical sites and museums, shop in old world markets, snorkel in deep blue waters, or just soak in the natural wonders of these locations. The options are limitless.


2018 Glatt Kosher GreekIsles Cruises and Tours

Venice and Greece Kosher Cruise - 8/12/2018 aboard
Norwegian Cruise Lines's Star for 7 Nights


2018 Glatt Kosher Mediterranean Cruises and Tours

Western Mediterranean Kosher Cruise - 8/19/2018 aboard
Norwegian Cruise Lines's Epic for 7 Nights


Most of the time, you'll feel comfortable in casual resort wear including light cotton clothing for all cruises. It is advised to bring breathable clothing to maximize your comfort.
Be sure to also bring:
• A lightweight clothing. It is generally in the 70’s and 80’s on these sailings
• Baseball hats, sunglasses, lots of sun lotion, coverups and swimwear. You can find the most gorgeous private beaches!
• Casual exploring outfits. No need to be fancy on the at the ports of call.
• Flip flops are always super handy on the beach.
• One or two pairs of dress shoes to accompany your dinner outfit
• Always go on www.weather.com for more info. You can get a 10 day forecast.

Temperatures in these gorgeous locations tends to be on the warmer side. Think in the 80’s and brisker at night. Please always go onto weather.com for more information.

Kosherica offers some beautiful Jewish interest excursions in these ports as detailed below:
• Barcelona – visit the Jewish quarter and learn about the incredible Jewish history followed by a bus tour to take in some of the magnificent architecture that Barcelona is famous for.
• Rome – learn about the 23 centuries of Jewish history in the first part of your tour which includes the Jewish Ghetto and breathtaking synagogue. Enjoy some delicious Kosher gelato before heading off to your city tour including the Forum, Palatine Hill, Arch of Titus and the Colosseum.
• Florence – you’ll start off with a stop at the magnificent Tower of Pisa where you’ll get a chance to take some once-in-a-lifetime pictures. The tour then continues into Florence where your guide will walk you through the Jewish and Renaissance history. This is followed by a beautiful walking tour through the amazing Piazza where you’ll also have plenty of time to shop!
• Venice – this pre-cruise walking tour is full of information about the incredible Jewish Ghetto in Venice. You will venture through the Cannaregio district discovering hidden and curious corners and then continue towards S. Giovanni e Paolo, considered one of the most beautiful campo of Venice. Then again through hidden path of the city and you will end up in S. Marc's square - the most prominent place in Venice.