Tuesday, April 9, 2013


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We just experienced another great PGA Passover! The food was majestically  brought together by the excellent partnership of Kosherica, Leisure time and Foremost Caterers.  The buffets were extravagant feasts, elegantly assembled to make your eyes and taste buds water. They were filled with copious amounts of the freshest fruits and vegetables and the salads were incredibly well thought out. Each buffet had action stations that gave new meaning to indulgence. And that was just breakfast and lunch.

The dinners were AMAZING! We were offered entrees for every palate. Meat, chicken, fish, vegetarian. The portions were bountiful and beautifully designed.   Each evening was an event that the whole family waited for. Nothing is as  as satisfying as a delicious meal, great company and incredible service. All elements lined up each night.

The secret surprise was the extravagant nightly tea rooms. Everyone waited with baited anticipation to see the dessert masterpieces that were on display in a 4 rooms that were exclusively designated as the "tearoom". One could smell the Choclate throughout the entire hotel. Each night the tearoom had crepe stations, fondue, gelato, cakes, 100s of varieties of Chocolates and fruit masterpieces. The rooms were  jaw dropping masterpieces. I never saw anything so extravagantly elegant yet wonderfully indulgent...btw. We also had a day tearoom that resembled walking into the yummiest  candy, nut and fruit  shop. It was awesome!

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