Thursday, July 7, 2016


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This article is a lifesaver for many of us containing simple, inexpensive solutions. 

1. Save shoeboxes. Stand them up to fill the closet with different sized partitions. Fill them visibly and neatly with folded panties, tees, bras, etc.

2. Boots will stand upright if stuffed with pool noodles. Save space, reduce clutter and let the boots breathe. 

3. Hang jeans and shorts on a shower rod in the closet and use shower curtain rings to attach to their belt hooks. You can manage your vast collection in a way that's lovely and neat.

4. Cardboard wine boxes make good shoe organizers.

5. Double or triple thin hangers by using tabs from soda cans in between to save space and show the garments off.

6. Tie your scarves to a hanger, knot like you would do on your neck.

7. Use pillow cases to store matching bedding sets.

8. Use an ornament box to organize your socks. If you don't use ornaments use several light bulb boxes which are perfect for this purpose.

9. Hang suitcases above closet doors if your apartment is small. It will give you an air of a worldly traveler.

10. Use ice cube trays to organize your jewelry inside a drawer.

11. A plastic comforter bag set with all the air sucked out can hold your out of season clothes.

12. This is one of my favorites: to keep unsightly wires, chargers and chords out of sight, keep them in your nightstand with easy access for charging devices but by drilling some holes in the back it will go directly to the wall outlet.

13. A plastic shoe bag is great for storing shampoos conditioners cosmetics and even nail polish.  I even have a smaller one for make-up so I can see all the shades and pick easily.

14. Have a system of getting rid of items: things in doubt should hang facing out. If you haven't worn them for a year....out they go!