Friday, July 22, 2016


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1. Gladiator Sandals

These may be the latest fashion, comfortable to the max but think about those TSA checkpoints. It takes anywhere from 2-6 minutes to take them off and then put them back on. Rather unadvisable with a long irate row of waiting passengers behind you. Opt for easy on, easy off shoes or boots, comfortable and soft enough to wear on a long flight, should you choose not to take them off. Some of us kick off our shoes, while others leave them on, not trusting socks to suffice in blocking bacteria on bathroom trips or dirty plane floors.

2. BIG belts with buckles that stop you for a search

Fashionable belts are often a stunning decoration to an outfit. Yet the metal in them is heavy enough to create an alarm as you pass security. Besides, they're heavy and can be uncomfortable on a long trip.

3. Flip flops

Not a good idea for several reasons: You can't wear socks under them and are kept exposed to temperature changes as well as spills and dirt. Additionally, in a crowd, you&rsquoll be more likely to get trampled and a strangers' suitcase may take a ride on your toes.

4. Heavy jewelry that is "bling-encrusted" and rigid

You will find it very hard to relax comfortably with the Palace Jewels on you. 

5. Bulky sweaters

These can be very hard to get on and off in a tight airplane seat. Bring a lightweight down jacket in winter or a neatly foldable sweatshirt or sweater when you travel the rest of the year.

6. High heel shoes

This would seem to be common sense, however, I've seen women teetering atop 5 inch heels, making the lines and waits painful and the trip through the plane aisles...well - you can imagine.