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Quotes From Our Customers

"Dear Shifman family,
I’m in the middle of doing a week’s worth of laundry yet I can’t wipe this silly grin off my face.
I’m writing to thank you for an unbelievably fantastic time, all due to your outstanding attention to detail and the ease with which you made us all feel like “honorary Shifmans ”.
This past week we were like one big family (and we are...).
Hashem has given you a gift for bringing people together,
and we thank you for giving us all the opportunity to get to know one another. I can see how friendships of a lifetime are created on a Kosherica cruise. This week, we left our everyday concerns back at the pier, so very excited to relax and enjoy our kosher vacation. It turns out that our trip turned out to be much more than that. We met wonderful people from so many different places, we enjoyed sumptuous meals fit for kings, and our souls were replenished with the very best speakers, musicians and artists in the industry.
Your talent for working behind the scenes as well as being present at every event made our voyage even more special.
Have you ever seen how a swan seems to glide ever so gracefully on a pond? If you were to look below the surface, you would be able to see it pedaling furiously....and that is the Shifman family...beautiful, hardworking swans....
You all took such good care of us with grace, kindness, and attention to detail. The amount of work that you invested was obvious, and so were the results.
We have much to learn from you.
May Hashem bless you all with continued success!"

"We had a great time in the cruise! We really enjoyed it. Looking forward for another cruise in the near future."

- Kacew, Argentina

"We had a great time. The food, the entertainment and the staff were wonderful. We made lots of friends and we'll be coming with you at least once a year."

- Haddad, New York

"Then we get to the kosher food. To say that it was exceptional, was an understatement. People were raving about the meal and could not believe it was kosher. Offy was incredible and was on hand all night!

A million thanks to all who worked on this wedding."

- Dorian Vinderine (Kosherica catered wedding at the Atlantis Resort)

"Our family really enjoyed the cruise with Kosherica. It was not a five star experience - it was six star!!! Thanks for all you and your colleagues did for us to make the cruise so memorable. Hope to do it again!"

- Gerald Leissner, South Africa

"Our cruise was magnificent!! Meals were delicious and beautifully served!!"

- Marion Blumenthal Lazan, New York

"I just wanted to say Thank you again for an absolutely amazing week. We all had a fantastic time and it was all down to you and your amazing team. Nothing we asked for was too much trouble, and always with a smile."

- Frei and Noe families, UK

"I would like to say thank you for a wonderful experience. The cruise was marvelous, very well put together. Continue to do a great job. Would love to do a cruise again."

- Rochelle Weingarten, New York

"I am very difficult to please but I have to say that both Hilit and Rabbi Simpser were amazing. The generosity of spirit, the food and organisation were fantastic. Everything thought through and any requests were dealt with a “can do” attitude and a smile, together with patience and time."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful week. We really enjoyed the cruise - mainly your hospitality, the people who came with Kosherica, and the food.

We've made lifetime friends and can't thank you enough. You worked so hard to make sure things were perfect and you met that goal. I hope you're taking some time off."

-Judy I. Schaffer

"Yes, I actually worked as a mashgiach on a kosherica cruise. it was a one week cruise leaving and returning to Miami. It was a smaller group of kosherica members, only about 120 out of a couple thousand passengers.

Just have in mind when you do go on a kosherica cruise you will be getting 5 star food. The food is literally incredible. (im not advertising for them at all, just did one cruise with them). The food is truly amazing. Passengers come just to have the food, sit and indulge in anything imaginable for one week. :)"

-Kosher Supervisor On A Miami Cruise

"Couldn't agree more with you. I have also worked as a Mashgiach on a Kosherica cruise, from Seattle to Alaska in the summer last year. Out of about 2,500 passengers there was a group of about 75 Kosherica guests. The food you will be getting if you are a guest with them, is amazing, complete 5-star service, the best food you will ever have in your life. I can't stop thinking about the braised boneless beef shorts ribs that we had friday night, out of this world.

Starting from breakfast, there is so much to choose from, whether you like classical cereal and milk, bread with cream cheese, tons of salads, omelets, eggs, hash browns, waffles, pancakes they have so much and it just keeps on coming out. Every lunch is a full on buffet, with 5-6 different hot dishes, always 1 or 2 soups, lots of different salads and so much more. And at dinner every night, you are given a real good menu to choose from what you like, they always have 3-4 appetizers, 2 soups, 3-4 main dishes, and about 3 desserts to choose from. The waiters are also all super friendly.

For any foodie out there (Dan?) - this is the best possible kosher vacation you can give yourself."

-Kosher Supervisor On An Alaska Cruise

"So here we are more than three weeks since my husband and I returned from another wonderful Kosherica cruise.  In short, we loved it and the only complaint that we have is we wish it could have been a few days longer.  We had the honor of having your father, Yehuda Schiffman, at our table Friday night during the pre-cruise Shabbat and we thoroughly enjoyed hearing his many stories.  What an amazing individual!   The guides in Rome and Florence were excellent as well.  The food was delicious and the presentation beautiful.  Thank you and your family for providing a gift to the Jewish community."

June 2013

"It is hard to find the right words to express our sincere gratitude for giving our family the incredible opportunity to experience a " Kosherica Cruise." It was a vacation of a lifetime and we will always cherish all the special memories and experiences. To mention just a few the kids loved the scavenger hunt , the motzei Shabbat barbeques, the concerts especially Lipa and Avraham Fried .The special birthday cake for Mushky and Bracha, the bowling game with Yitzy and the special food you prepared for us early because we were too hungry to wait for dinner are just a few of the incredible ways you were so kind to our family. The food was outstanding and the staff was always so kind and helpful.

It was so special for us to share our trip with our Bubby and Zaidy from South Africa. We thank you for making it possible for Mushky to have her wish fulfilled through " Make a Wish." We know that if not for the generosity of Kosherica it would not have been possible.

The kids are still talking about Kosherica and even our 2 year old baby loves to sing " Kosher, Kosherica, Kosher, kosherica." ( Lipa's version). Will send you a video clip PG one day when we catch her on video.

All in all it was a 10/10 experience . We thank you for giving our family this incredible opportunity and salute you for all the wonderful work you do.

Wishing you continued success and blessings as you continue to create priceless memories for all the children and families that have the opportunity to join a "Kosherica Cruise." May Hashem bless you tenfold for your generosity and kindness.

With gratitude and appreciation"

Winter 2013

"The best cruise I ever took was a kosherica cruise. Their standards are very high. The entertainment is fantastic, the food superb, the service "par excellence"! From the moment the cruise is booked you are treated as Royalty!"

-Michelle Kahn
Broker, BA. M.B.A., Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd, Jan 2013

Now that time has passed since my husband and I returned from the fantastic Baltic Cruise, we have had the time to absorb how wonderful the experience was. As I said in the evaluation, every aspect of the experience exceeded our expectations.

From the pre-cruise Shabbat to the carefully planned excursions, exquisitely prepared food, films in preparation for the ports, wonderful Shabbat atmosphere and meeting Jews from literally all over the world, the trip was among the most memorable we have ever taken."

- Janice and Marvin Katz
Baltic Capital, Summer 2012

" We had a great time. The staff were great and our pre cruise food was enough to feed an army! David and I will definitely be using Kosherica again, maybe next summer."

- Michele and David Klein
Summer 2012

" Kudos to everyone from Kosherica. It was a wonderful family vacation."

- Gayle Schrier
Alaska, Summer 2012

" We had a wonderful cruise, the service and personnel made our experience one we will long remember. The davening, lectures and scheduling worked very well. All in all it was a wonderful experience."

- Mimi and Rabbi Jerry Wohlberg
Summer 2012

" My wife, 3 children and I just returned yesterday from our Kosherica cruise to Alaska aboard the Norwegian Pearl and had an amazing time. (This was our third Kosherica cruise.)

Thank you for handling the arrangements, and thanks to the Kosherica staff for a great vacation."

- Jorden Klein
Summer 2012

" We had a wonderful time! Not only was Alaska magnificent, but you run a "class operation." Aliza was great. Her handling of the group was personable, professional and skilled; and she was always available to advise and assist.

We truly enjoyed meeting Rabbi Einhorn and his wife. The Rabbi and his staff were extremely diligent and the food was exceptional.

Now we know why Kosherica has such a well- deserved, excellent reputation."

- With best wishes for a Ketiva V'chatima Tova,
Rabbi Shmuel Goldin

" The (Greek Isles) trip was awesome. A huge success. Food was exceptional"

- Amy Kaiser
Summer 2012

" Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you. It was an amazing vacation, great cruise location, wonderful weather, met some really nice people and most of all the crew from Kosherica were wonderful. Special thanks to Aliza and Rabbi Einhorn (and his staff) – they both made sure we had everything we needed and then some. We all look forward to another kosherica vacation again. "

- Regards,
Neil Schloss

" The (alaska) cruise was basically perfect. The people, Cheryl (Sheryl?), the food, just all so good. The special attention that the chef gave to my special vegetarian food was wonderful. Thanks for all of your help and attention."

- Chana and Hillel

"Dearest Yehuda and team, Mike and I are now back from London after our most sensational Kosherica Cruise.

Kosherica was not a 5 ***** but a 10********** cruise and our every whim and want was taken care of by your absolutely amazing team.

Nothing was too much trouble and you made each and every person on the Kosherica feel more than special our wishes were your commands and you we loved every single day on the boat with your team. You are truly a Mensch. May Hashem Bless you to carry on doing this amazing service to others.

Alan and Shelley Neifeld loved the cruise just as much as we did and with Hashems Brochas we hope that we will be joining you again next year.

With our sincere thanks to all your wonderful staff who just make things happen."

- Kind regards.
Mike and Hazel SHWER

"Firstly, let me say that the cruise to Italy was magnificent in every way! Yehuda is a sensitive, loving,friendly, bright man! He attended to every detail, from creating a family atmosphere of warmth within the group, to overseeing every aspect of the cruise: the food (which was delicious), the trips, the meetings , shabbos accommodations, the programs, etc."

- With much appreciation, Rochie & Les Kirshenbaum

"Thank you for the great time we had. Everything was perfect You really made sure everything went without a hitch. How many times I saw u at midnight and than u were up at 5am to make sure all is set up. All the tours went on time, returned on time, no hiccups at all. Food was excellent. You are a great asset to Kosherica. Beatrice and I wished you continuing success and hope to be cruising with you soon.
Regards "

- Jacob Herzog

"Writing you from the NCL PEARL KOSHERICA ALASKA CRUISE. Fabulous is an understatement. Everything is the definition of perfection. Thank you Sandra and Kosherica. Every moment is better then the moment before. Don't want it to end but can't wait to join you on future trips very soon.. "

- Allen and Amy WOLNERMAN

"We just returned yesterday from the Caribbean Cruise aboard Norwegian Pearl and we had a fabulous time. I hope yours was successful as well. From my perspective it seemed like everyone had a blast. The concerts, Lectures and the general program and itinerary was packed with interesting things to do and I would like to thank you again for doing such a great job.

Everyone I speak to asks me to describe different aspects of the cruise and after a brief description I tell them that it is something that you have to experience - and thats the truth. "

- Yochanan Gorden

"I have to tell you about our cruise. It was the best cruise we had in our life. Everything was perfect. Congratulations to all of you for this excellent trip. Food was excellent ,service the best. I was happy to meet your husband,and Yehuda was always ready to answer all our questions. When I got home last night I went to Kosherica Web ,but our cruise is no longer available to see on the web. Is there anyway I can retrieve it,I would like to see the names and pictures of the cantors. By the way they were excellent. You deserve the credit for all.
Thanks again. "

- Samy Toledano, CGA

"The cruise was fantastic and the food was off of the charts outstanding. "

- Stuart Taussing (Chicago)

"The Kosherica cruise was really amazing! I was extremely impressed with the Kosherica hosts. They were professional, friendly, sincere and accomodated us and everyone else I am sure in the most gracious way the ship is unbelieveable...I would consider it a 5 to 6 star hotel on water I recommend this ship highly. The food that Kosherica prepared was 5-star in taste and presentation and also the service in the dining room was unbeatable! "

- Shoshana

"The January 16 - 23 Cruise was MARVELOUS.........What magnificent voices......super-delicious food and delightful atmosphere........Everything was done so well........... "

-Judy Shapiro

"We are consistently impressed with the high quality Kosherica environment that is achieved with each excursion. The challenges of our cold winters and hectic schedules are much more pleasant to navigate after having such a beautiful, inspiring week. "

-Eliezer and Chani

"My parents had a great time on the cruise! (’m hoping to join them next time). Thanks so much for making my dad feel so special; everything you did for him was so appreciated. "

-Davida Stadtmauer

"The nicest vacation I've had in a very long time. All around...the ship, the friends, the food, and most of all those amazingly talented chazanim. It was a real gift to be able to hear them all at once on Shabbat. Something I'm sure no one will ever forget. My mother couldn't get over it. She kept on saying it was a dream come true and the best week of her life. Could you imagine? At 90 and still going strong and talking about doing it next year again!"

-Yitro (Jethro) Jacobs
  Kibbutz Alumim

"The food quality, variety and presentation were exceptional. It was an experience I shall keep in my memory as the best of the many I treasure."

- Harry Finkel (California)

"To thank you for the service that kosherica provides the orthodox community would be an understatement. That which we heard about your cruises do not do justice to the actual experience.The journey far exceeded our expectations. The artists, the food and the atmosphere all seemed to enhance our week. This was not a once in a lifetime experience.......for we look forward to the future joy that you provide. With a smile on our faces, we once again say 'thank you'."

- Seymour and Anita Bashkowitz (New York)

"We all had a fantastic time on the cruise. Kosherica did a great job and we all have amazing memories to take with us.Thank you all for making it a wonderful holiday."

- Daniel Goldhirsch (Australia)

"Shalom, Now that my wife Sarah & I have retuned back into our "normal" routines, I want to let you know that both of us consider this to have been a once-in-a-lifetime dream-come-true. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the cruise. Thank you again for your role in making this dream a reality! "

Thanks once more to you and your fine staff."

-Yitro (Jethro) Jacobs
  Kibbutz Alumim

"Dear Yehuda, As I mentioned on board the Costa Fortuna last week, thank you very much for a most enjoyable cruise. My wife Judy and I have been married almost 40 years. Since the day we were married she has wanted to go on a cruise, but I have been reluctant. Once we we took a ferry ride from Connecticut to Long Island I said to her "Well, this is it." She didn't accept that and was persistent. I am stubborn, however. Finally she said just try Kosherica. Skeptically, I did. The Jewish Music Festival at Sea, the brilliant performances of the Chazanim, the historic (once in 4000 years!) wedding of Chazan Motzen (who is by far our favorite) with 20 Chazanim and Jewish singers, etc., along with the great food and gracious accommodations won me over. After the first night out I sheepishly said to Judy - "OK, when are we going again?"

PS. Of course, I would be happy to allow you to use my endorsement."

-Louis Morris

"Thank you for a truly awesome experience. The magic of Alaska was very special, and it was so richly enhanced by the doing it the Kosherica way. It is true, we did / do feel like extended family, and we already look forward to the next “family reunion”. Please make sure we are on your emailing list, and also please will you forward the email list of our fellow passengers."

-Mike & Gabey Gordon

"Our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful Alaskan cruise you organized. We had a great time, and the service you provided was outstanding. We plan to spread the word and hope to join you again in the future. Many, many thanks to you and all the lovely people we were privileged to meet on the cruise. "

-Muriel ("Mitzie") and Stan Friedman

"I think about you and the cruise every day! Already put all the pics in an album. We had the best time in the world!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!"

-Esty Guttman

"Well we really enjoyed the cruise and it was much more enjoyable as we booked with Kosherica. You catered for our every need."

- Ruth Issacs, London

"Our trip was truly amazing and it was one of the best vacations of our life. The cruise was fabulous and one of the best vacations that we had. The boat was beautiful and unbelievable clean. The room was great and we did get upgrades. The food was excellent. The service was amazing. The people were warm, helpful, and friendly. The excursion was amazing. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 be the highest mark, this vacation was a 10 plus. Thank you for your help in planning it."

-Andy and Blair

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping provide a wonderful vacation. Your attention to detail, your concern and understanding helped create an outstanding experience, which truly exceeded our expectations for our trip. The camaraderie and rapport which developed were due in no small part to your amazing attitude, which filtered into every aspect of the trip."

-Rosalind and Henry Swergold

"Thank you for making our vacation an absolutely amazing one. We hope to keep in touch with the wonderful new friends we have made."

-Toby and Pinchas Fader (Baltimore)

"The folks from Kosherica did an outstanding job as did the ships crew who worked with them. The kosherica Staff who led and organized were phenomenal! The speakers were great and everyone (yourself included)was very helpful."


"Everything was just wonderful: company, food and service."




"The cruise was great in nearly every way (and in every aspect with regard to Kosherica). The Kosherica Staff greatly exceeded our wildest expectations. "

-Bruce Fisher

"Hello Yehuda, Yachad, Halit, Ofi et. al.,
Please find attached our way of saying THANK YOU for your wonderful, warm hospitality aboard the cruise ship. You really went all-out to make our vacation perfect! I"Yaashar Koach...Haztlocha Rabbah... "

-Bob & Paula Bromberg

"We just returned from a fantastic cruise and want to thank you, Barry, Yehuda and Helit for providing such an amazing experience. We are extremely impressed at how everything was done so perfectly – a truly class act."

-Shawn Harris

"I just wanted to thank specifically Barry, Yehuda and Elite for the WONDERFUL vacation that my wife and I had. We were on the 2/3/08 Western Caribbean cruise and loved every minute of it. Every aspect of our trip from the planning phases through the last breakfast went smoothly thanks in large part to KOSHERICA.

I also wanted to tell you how proud I was to be an orthodox Jew on the cruise. I felt it was a tremendous Kiddush hashem to be a part of our small group.

I look forward to cruising with you guys in the future.


- Isaac

"Hi Yehuda,
I wanted to tell you how much our family enjoyed the cruise. The Kosherica experience was wonderful. Everyone was so gracious and welcoming. My non-kosher family felt completely accepted and raved about the food. I want to thank you for everything you all did to make this a memorable experience for the Baker family. "

-Judy Baker

"The kosher food was outstanding! The service was great and we had a wonderful time."

-Morris Tuchman

"Overall wonderful experience as far as the Kashrut was concerned-we felt confident and comfortable that everything was done with excellent supervision.

This was a wonderful experience for both of us. Thank you."

-Lillian & Aaron Jacoby

"The concerts were superb. All in all it was the experience beyond our most optimistic expectations-a memorable one for sure. "

-Rabbi S. Rappaport

"We had a great time. Looking forward to be with you in the future. Thank you."

-Gloria & Louis Schwartz

"Everything was superb! Keep up the good work!"

-Rachel Spitz

"My wife and I invited our 5 grandchildren, son, and daughter to come along with us. We all thoroughly enjoyed our cruise. I was very impressed with your attention to detail and the overwhelming cooperation with the Millennium crew."

-Melvin L. Fraiman

"Kosherica's food, service, and personnel friendliness has been supurb"

-Jerome and Goldye Kopmar

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything. My parents had the most fantastic time and said it was a trip of a lifetime. Thanks for helping with all the back and forth arrangements and for running such a great program."

-Linda Honigwachs (sent her parents on 40th anniversary)

"David and I travel a lot but by far your cruise vacation [to Alaska's Inside Passage] is one of the best we took yet. Your organization, your cheer, Yehuda's voice that penetrates the soul, and your lovely children made the trip even more meaningful. With blessing and peace for the coming new year. "

Love and Shalom,
Hagit Hoffman
Dallas, TX

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