Maritime Glatt Kosher MGK

The MGK is a conglomerate of various Rabbanim who all are either currently or have previously held the highest administrative positions in mainstream Kashrus organizations. Each Rav Hamachshir is responsible for hiring and training his own group of mashgichim who will support him in the supervision of that particular cruise. Our Head Mashgichim have all had cruise supervision experience, a critical element in insuring that the highest level of Kashrus be maintained. We also send a larger team of mashgichim per cruise, in comparison to other existing programs. Our programs are Glatt Kosher, Chalav Yisroel and Pas Yisroel.

Rabbi Leibel Miller With over 15 years of Cruise Ship and Resort Kosher Supervision Rabbi Liebel Miller is one of the most experienced Rav Hamachshirs in the Kosher Cruise industry. He has supervised kosher resort programs worldwide, in some of the most exotic and exclusive locations imaginable. Rabbi Miller has consistently provided the highest standard of uncompromising kosher service in venues as diverse as The Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, China, Hawaii, Europe, and throughout The United States. His resume includes both numerous National Kashrus organizations, corporate, and private clientele of the most strict and demanding standards.

Rabbi Leibel Miller-Rav Hamachshir
Kosherica- Carribbean and Mediterranean Cruise
Please feel free to contact Rabbi Miller directly for more information.
(954) 456-4696

Rabbi R. Banin of Venice

Tel: 011-393381011540

Rabbi Levi Teitlebaum 
Rabbi Teitlebaum has 15 years experience in the kashrus field, including 12 years as the Administrator of the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Colombia(ORCBC). He currently serves as Rabbinic Field Representative for the Orthodox Union(OU), Kashrus Council of Canada(COR), and Montreal Kosher(MK) among others.  Rabbi Teitelbaum resides in Ottowa where he is the Director of the Ottowa Vaad HaKashrus(OVH).
613 255 5829

Rabbi SpitzRabbi Manish Spitz has worked for over 25 years in the kashruth field. He works for various national kashruth organizations and local Vadds in Florida. He previously worked for the city – state kashruth enforcement.

He was the Rav and Bal Mascher for many years for the Crown Hotel and San Soucci Hotel of Miami Beach. He also gave the Daf Yomi shiur.

Rabbi Spitz has trained many mashgichim and given lectures on kashruth, including a reason seminar in Yerusalaim on how to kasher the house for Passover.

Rabbi Spitz has been the Bal Mascher on many cruises.

Rabbi Ruvi NewAustralian born , Rabbi Ruvi New is the founder and spiritual leader of Chabad of East Boca Raton, in Boca Raton Florida.

He is a sought after speaker and a featured lecturer on He is the publisher and editor of Inside Out Magazine, and an accomplished singer/songwiter.

Rabbi Einhorn
Rabbi Einhorn, Married + 5 kids lives in Israel. Musmach of Yeshivat Har Eztion (Alon Shevut - Israel) and a graduate of Yeshivat Hesder 'Yamit'. Rabbi Einhorn was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in 1999.

A qualified Shochet and a dynamic teacher, Rabbi Einhorn has served as spiritual leader and educator in Israel, Russia, South Africa and Hong Kong where as certified Mashgiach he was also responsible for the Kashrut and supervision in restaurants and catering facilities.

Rabbi Einhorn in the past 5 years was a Rav Hamachshir on many cruises on a variety of shipsproviding Hashgacha for Kosher Travel Industry. Rabbi Einhorn is the founder and executive director of the Kehillot organization which creates communal structures in order to educate towards a better future between secular and religious Jews in Israel. He is currently the Rabbi of the Kfar Shmaryahu Community located near Herzlia.